Stunning Twitter Exchange Shows Snopes’ Blatant Bias

Twitter Exchanges Shows Snopes Bias

After weeks of being targeted by rabid leftists for the role Facebook may have played in allowing what the mainstream media calls “fake news” to determine the results of the presidential election (or is it Russian hackers? White nationalists? The Electoral College? Racism against President Obama?), Facebook decided to take an active approach by establishing its own Orwellian Ministry of Truth. Facebook will now use “fact checkers” including Snopes, PolitiFact, and the Washington Post to determine what is “real news” versus “fake news.”

Unfortunately, Snopes has a major problem with the truth. Snopes makes the 2016 Republican primaries version of Ted Cruz look honest. The Honest Media covered this during the election when we found numerous instances of Snopes getting their articles completely wrong and refusing to publish corrections when given new information.

Apparently we should have kept digging because there’s more. This is a Twitter conversation between Ari Cohn, a writer for The Daily Beast, and Kim LaCapria, the content manager for Snopes. While this story was being written, LaCapria started purging her tweets because she looked bad. Sorry, Kim, we embedded the link before you could hit the delete button.

Thanks to Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars for shining a spotlight on this situation.

The story starts when Cohn noticed a problem with something written by Snopes. They claim an article written by The Daily Beast  is made up, when The Daily Beast actually did something nearly unheard of in 2016: they went on location and conducted interviews! Real journalism from The Daily Beast – bravo!

LaCapria responds that feelings do not make for good journalism. Generally this is true, but if the primary source tells a journalist how they felt it becomes fair game.

This is where it gets good. Cohn points out that LaCapria and Snopes are calling out The Daily Beast‘s journalistic integrity by suggesting The Daily Beast did not actually conduct interviews with those in the story.

LaCapria proceeds to ignore everything Cohn wrote.

Another journalist from The Daily Beast reinforces Cohn’s point. Journalists from The Daily Beast news agency actually went out and conducted interviews, then used the interviews to create their article. This is fundamentally what journalism is. We go talk to people and tell others what they said.

In Snopes’ typical fashion, LaCapria finds a less journalistically  pure article published by The Daily Beast in an attempt to further call their journalistic integrity into question. I feel like LaCapria was waiting for her cohorts to start shouting “BURN!” a la That ’70s Show. 

The exchange goes on in the same fashion for some time. Cohn and Ben Collins point out it is irresponsible to ignore a source simply because you do not like it, and LaCapria continues thumbing her nose at Cohn and The Daily Beast by calling them and their interviewees names.

This next tweet is important, and continues Snopes’ history of ignoring new information when it means they would have to publish a correction.

Now journalism is “heresay.” Is this like “pics or it didn’t happen?”

Now “reading the news” or “conducting a Google search to find relevant news” is a game of telephone.

Here we see Snopes already excited to become the arbiter of real versus fake news.

The exchange goes on like this for some time, until another alleged journalist for Snopes gets involved, looks bad, and the situation is eventually concluded when someone emails Snopes a statement. Apparently that is real journalism. Waiting around until someone emails you is much better than sending journalists into the field to conduct interviews with people on the scene. Sad.

I never thought I would have so much respect for The Daily Beast, but Collins completely nailed it here.



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