Kuwaiti Films Servant Begging For Life Before Seven Story Fall (Video)

Kuwaiti Films Servant Begging for Life

A woman from Kuwait posted a video to social media showing her Ethiopian servant clinging desperately to a window ledge before falling seven stories.

The woman is seen hanging from the window by one hand and pleading, “hold me, hold me.” The Kuwaiti employer replied in a shockingly nonchalant voice, “Oh crazy, come back,” to the screaming victim before she loses her grip, crashing into an awning far below. The servant miraculously survived the fall, but was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, reports the Kuwait Times.

Lawyers are preparing to sue the employer, who was detained by police, but reports emerging from the incident are conflicting. The employer claims that the Ethiopian was attempting to commit suicide, and so she chose to record the incident instead of assist the victim, to prove herself innocent of any murder attempt. The Ethiopian maintains that she had been locked into the apartment by her employer, for whom she had only worked two days, and had climbed out of the window to escape before her predicament became considerably worse.

Kuwait is home to approximately 600,000 foreign workers, many of whom are victims of abuse and mistreatment at the hands of their employers.



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