Podesta Marks Washington Post’s Fall To Journalistic Wasteland

Podesta Washington Post

The Washington Post was once respected as a fairly honest and trustworthy newspaper, something that quickly changed after enemy of President Trump and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos acquired the Post.

While Bezos often claims to have no say in the Post‘s editorial content, he stated publicly that his goal for the Post was to be a “watchdog over the leaders of the world’s most powerful country,” remarks Bezos made shortly after publicly sparing with then Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

While on the campaign trail, President Trump frequently accused Bezos of antitrust violations due to Amazon’s position as a leader in online retailing. The Washington Post penned articles directly fighting back against this assertion, and did so without explicitly naming its conflict of interests.

Podesta Washington Post
Jeff Bezos’ “iconic laugh” Source: Flicker

To any decent journalist, this constitutes a massive breach of ethical behavior. Writers should always explicitly disclose financial arrangements when relevant, especially when a writer is essentially defending the person who signs his paycheck.

Imagine McDonald’s buying a newspaper which then wrote articles depicting the Quarter Pounder with Cheese and accompanying french fries as a health food while feigning journalistic integrity and pretending they have no bias. They would be called out immediately as fake news, yet the Post is seemingly immune to criticism.

In February of 2017, the Washington Post announced it would hire former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta as a columnist, an act that served as the final notice to the public of the once proud newspaper’s fall from grace into a journalistic wasteland of half-truths, anonymous sources, and partisan politics.

Podesta is a partisan Democrat who worked in both the Clinton and Obama Administrations. Before and in between working for Democratic presidents, Podesta worked for various congressional Democrats and was a professional lobbyist.

On the surface it is a bit confusing for a man with no experience in journalism and little job experience outside the realm of politics to become a journalist at a high profile newspaper at the age of 68, but after  examining articles written by Podesta, the reason for his hire becomes clear.

Podesta on February 16: “Trump’s dangerous policy to undermine reality”

Podesta on March 28: “Trump is on a rampage to endanger the planet. Now it’s up to us to save it.”

Podesta on May 12: “Trump top aides must go.”

High quality journalism from the partisan Democrat masquerading as a journalist.

This week we saw the Washington Post dive deep into the depths of fantasy with its concocted story about President Trump leaking “top secret” information to Russia, an accusation dependent  on anonymous sources, and totally denied by members of the Trump Administration including National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, as well as Russian government officials including Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The half-truth within the article concerns what was discussed with Lavrov. It is common knowledge that the Trump Administration recently learned about ISIS’s capability to sneak bombs onto airplanes using laptops. This is information that has been the public sphere for over a month, and it is believed this was a topic of conversation between President Trump and the Russian officials.

Naturally, we see the New York Times, NBC News, and other left-leaning news outlets repeating the story as though it is verified and indisputable fact merely because the Post published it.

We should no longer be surprised to see the Post indulging in fantasy to destroy President Trump. The Post is no longer a serious publication, but a proud member of what Steve Bannon termed the “opposition party.”

The Washington Post’s goal is no longer to serve and inform the public. The Washington Post’s goal is now to destroy the president.



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