Pelosi: Impeachment has to be about facts, we owe people stability (VIDEO)

Pelosi Impeachment Has To Be About Facts

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-California) betrayed the dreams of radicalized Democrats across the nation in her May 15 CNN town hall when she poured cold water on the fantasy of impeaching President Trump.

Pelosi worked with Republican presidents and Republican congresses in the past.

After being questioned about impeaching the president, Pelosi said “they know I don’t subscribe to that, in other words, again, if you’re talking about impeachment, you’re talking about what are the facts. Not I don’t like him, I don’t like his hair.”

Pelosi went on to suggest Democrats are doing the American people a disservice by creating this divisive environment.

“We owe the American people some stability in all of this. This is the time when he’s supposed to be having a honeymoon, what a marriage… So we watch and see what he’s going to do, what is his vision, how is he going to implement this, and it’s been sloppy.”

It is almost shocking to see a high ranking Democrat make so much sense in the current political climate, but  after 30 years in politics at the age of 77, perhaps Pelosi knows better than to fantasize about impeachment just because the president is in the opposing party.

Watch the exchange below:



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