Tom Pappert and Craig Christler take on the dishonest media narrative on The Honest Media. Protests turned riots, biased journalism from mainstream outlets, unfair and inaccurate quotations, and logical fallacies are destroyed weekly on The Honest Media.

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Tom Pappert: A Wichita native who formerly considered himself a libertarian thanks to Ron Paul, and now supports Trump as the only logical choice for a country faced with threats from radical Islam, the insane regressive left, and spineless cuckservatives who are only concerned with their next election.

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Craig Chrisler: An InfoWarrior who has been fighting against globalism in every conceivable manner for years, Craig now realizes the first real, devastating blow against globalism in the United States is Trump, the only candidate who refuses to bow to their demands and has consistently since 1980.

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The Honest Media’s broadcast home is KGPT 26 in Wichita, Kansas. We also post every episode to this website via our YouTube, and post exclusive content to Facebook and Twitter.

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